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Resin Flooring Standards and Specifications

Unfortunately there are currently no universally agreed European or International Standards, Materials Classifications, Specifications or Performance Requirements for Resin Flooring Products and Systems.

There is however the Code of Practise produced by British Standards in 2008. This is BS 8204-6:2008: ‘Recommendations for the design and installation of internally used in situ synthetic resin flooring, where they are bonded to direct finished concrete slabs, fine concrete screeds and to existing concrete floors are given. The flooring is available in a wide range of thicknesses from thin floor seals to heavy-duty industrial protective coatings which can provide a seamless surface with greatly enhanced performance compared with the concrete base on which it is applied’.

A summary of the main resin floor classifications according to this standard and covering the different types of synthetic resin flooring is included below.
Resin Flooring Products and Systems to British Standards

Classification of Synthetic Resin Flooring Types to BS 8204-6:2008

Synthetic resin flooring products and systems can be divided into different ‘Types’ according to their system thickness and build-up as follows:

1 Floor seal Applied in two or more coats. Generally solvented or water dispersed. LD Up to 150 microns
2 Floor coating Applied in two or more coats. Generally solvent-free LD / MD 150 to 300 microns
3 High build floor coating Applied in two or more coats. Generally solvent-free. MD 300 to 1000 microns (1mm)
4 Multi-layer flooring Aggregate blinded systems based on multiple layers of floor coatings or flow-applied flooring products, often described as ‘broadcast sandwich’ systems. MD / HD > 2 mm
5 Flow applied flooring Often referred to as ‘self-smoothing’ or ‘self-levelling’ resin flooring. Generally with a smooth surface, but can also be broadcast. MD / HD 2 to 3 mm
6 Resin screed flooring Trowel applied, heavily filled resin screed systems. May include a surface seal coat to minimize porosity MD / HD > 4 mm
7 Heavy duty flowable flooring Similar in nature and application to Type 4, but thicker and generally having a smooth surface. HD / VHD 4 to 6 mm
8 Heavy duty Resin flooring Trowel applied and finished, aggregate filled systems effectively impervious throughout their thickness. VHD > 6 mm

  LD (Light duty) Light foot traffic, occasional rubber tyre vehicles
  MD (Medium duty) Regular foot traffic, frequent forklift traffic, occasional hard plastic-wheeled trolleys
  HD (Heavy duty) Constant forklift traffic, hard plastic wheeled trolleys, some impact
  VHD (Very heavy duty) Severe heavily loaded traffic and impact

In general terms this BS Classification of resin flooring product and system classification are listed in order of their increasing thickness; to some extent this also correlates to their ascending order of durability, particularly in terms of their mechanical abrasion and wear resistance.

There is also a resin and cement ‘Floor Screed Test Method Standard’ with eight parts as follows:

BS EN 13892: Methods of test for screed materials
Part 1 Sampling, making and curing specimens for test
Part 2 Determination of flexural and compressive strength
Part 3 Determination of wear resistance – Bohme Disc
Part 4 Determination of wear resistance – BCA
Part 5 Determination of wear resistance to rolling wheel
Part 6 Determination of surface hardness
Part 7 Determination of resistance to rolling wheel, with floor coverings
Part 8 Determination of bond strength

Unfortunately the ‘Methods of Test for Screed Materials’ is not of very much assistance in selecting an appropriate resin flooring system; however the general principles and specifically the test methods detailed, are mostly valid and may be of assistance to facilities owners and their Architects or Engineers, in establishing and maintaining the necessary on site Quality Control procedures for their resin flooring installation.

Resin Flooring Durability and Service Life:

However the actual durability and service life in any particular resin floor installation is dependent on several additional factors including:

  - The type of resin and the product / system’s specific formulation.
  - The quality and strength of the substrate.
  - The substrate surface preparation.
  - The effectiveness of the necessary detailing (joints, falls, gulleys, coving etc.
  - The correct mixing, application and curing prior to exposure.
  - The mechanical and chemical exposure.
  - The service temperature and temperature fluctuation.
  - The floor cleaning and maintenance regime.

Special resin flooring system properties such as Anti-slip and Skid resistance, or Anti-Static / Conductive / Dissipative grades of the different products and systems in all of these resin flooring categories are available.

Resin Flooring Specifications

Resin floor system specifications for specific projects are provided as part of the service from NCC Resin Floor Site. This includes all necessary floor cleaning and surface preparation requirements and any other pre-treatments such as joint arris repairs etc., followed by the complete resin floor system build-up, with minimum material thicknesses and consumption requirements etc., all relevant minimum performance requirements i.e. pull-off strengths for on-site Quality Control where required, plus the full resin floor system installation Method Statements.

Additionally we can include relevant practical guidance and tips for success; together with all necessary detailing solutions for your successful resin floor i.e. for the terminations and connections at and around joints, drains & gulley’s or drainage channels, upstands and service penetrations, plus instructions for any machinery and equipment that has to be fixed through the resin flooring system into the concrete substrate. – A totally professional resin flooring system service package!

All of the resin flooring products and systems that we recommend and supply are produced by the leading UK and International resin flooring manufacturers in accordance with the latest ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards and also with ISO 14001 Environment Management Standards.

The Resin Flooring Specifications, the Resin Flooring Method Statements and the Resin Floor Details that we provide, have all been developed from our extensive experience gained from many years in the resin flooring business in the UK and overseas. All of the included resin flooring systems are agreed jointly with their respective resin flooring manufacturers and are backed by their guarantees and those of our network of trained and experienced resin flooring contractors.

Typical Resin Flooring Specifications:

For your reference we have included some typical ‘outline’ resin flooring specifications below on this page as a guide for you to view or download as examples.

Then for the best expert advice and assistance in producing the right resin floor system specifications, method statements and detailing solutions for your resin flooring project – no matter what size or your performance requirements, please call any of our offices and one of our Resin Flooring specialists will be pleased to assist you.

Breathable Acrylic Resin Floor Build-up
Breathable Acrylic Water Based Floor Sealer......... View / Download
Breathable Epoxy Resin Floor Build-up
Breathable Water Based Epoxy Floor Sealer......... View / Download
Breathable High Build Epoxy Resin Coating
Breathable Epoxy Coating......... View / Download
Epoxy Floor and Wall Coating
Epoxy Floor and Wall Coating......... View / Download
Decorative Breathable Epoxy Coating
Decorative Breathable Coating < 0.5 mm.......... View / Download
Slip Resistant Epoxy Resin Coating
Slip Resistant Coating (R12).......... View / Download
Breathable High Build Coating Build-up
Breathable High Build Coating.......... View / Download
Extremely Slip Resistant High Build Epoxy Coating
Decorative High Build Coating, Extra Slip Resistance.......... View / Download
Slip Resistant High Build Epoxy Coating
Decorative High Build Coating, Slip Resistant.......... View / Download
Breathable, Anti-Slip, High Build Coating
Breathable Anti-Slip High Build Coating.......... View / Download
Highly Chemically Resistant, High Build Epoxy Coating
Highly Chemical Resistant, High Build Coating.......... View / Download
Elastic Coating System for Car Park Decks
Elastic Coating for Car Park Decks & Balconies.......... View / Download
Resin Floor System Build-up for Car Park Ramps
Car Park Ramp System.......... View / Download
Resin Floor System for Car Park Decks
Car Park Interdeck System.......... View / Download
Anti-Slip, Epoxy Resin Based Self-Smoothing Floor Build-up
Anti-Slip Epoxy Self Smoothing Screed.......... View / Download
Solvent-Free, Self-Smoothing, Epoxy Resin Floor System Build-up
Epoxy Self Smoothing Screed, Solvent Free.......... View / Download
ESD Epoxy Resin based Screed Build-up
ESD Epoxy Self Smoothing Screed.......... View / Download
Conductive Epoxy Resin Floor Coating Build-up
Conductive Epoxy Flow Coating.......... View / Download
Decorative, Heavy Duty, Epoxy Resin Screed Build-up
Heavy Duty Decorative Epoxy Screed.......... View / Download
Decorative, Heavy Duty, Anti-Slip Epoxy Resin Based Floor Build-up
Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Decorative Epoxy Screed.......... View / Download
Breathable Epoxy Resin Floor System Build-up for Car Park Ground Slabs
Deck Protect – Car Park Base Slab.......... View / Download

Independent Resin Flooring System Selection

It is clear that due to the complexity of the subject and the wide range of potential solutions and costs involved an independent expert assessment can be the major factor in making the right choices in the selection of the right surface preparation. The determining factors will include:

  - the right resin flooring products or systems
  - the right floor and associated detailing solutions
  - the right resin flooring contractor and
  - the right cleaning and maintenance regime for a durable and cost effective resin flooring solution – Not just today, or in terms of the product or installed cost – But in terms of your facilities lice cycle costing; ensuring minimal future downtime and closures for example.

For the best expert help and assistance in selecting the right type of resin floor system and specific advice or guidance for your resin flooring project – no matter what size, or what your specific performance requirements, please call any of our offices and one of our Resin Flooring specialists will be delighted to assist you.
For FREE Expert Advice Call Any NCC Office and Our Basement Waterproofing Specialists will be Pleased to Help.

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