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Resin flooring products and resin floor systems come in a wide range of different types, with many different application and performance characteristics. Resin floors can be suitable for use in all types of industries; to provide new or upgraded floor finishes in factory production facilities (for wet and dry process areas), for hygienic production areas and clean rooms, plus nuclear and other power production or transmission facilities, logistics and distribution centres or warehouses, garages and workshops, showrooms and other retail, display and exhibition areas. In other words resin flooring has almost unlimited uses and provides a very efficient and cost effective solution for the floor finishes of almost every type of building and structure.

Resin flooring is primarily used to seal, strengthen, protect and enhance the appearance and properties of the floor - However – All resin flooring products and systems are definitely NOT the same.

Resin Flooring Requirements:

When a high performance resin floor is required and a durable, long-lasting floor finish is to be achieved, then it is important to select the right resin flooring system and its build-up with the component resin flooring products. This must be done carefully and with expert advice – All resin flooring systems are definitely
Examples of Resin Flooring Products and Resin Floor Systems
NOT the same. A generic ‘resin floor’ type or generic ‘resin floor system' specification, such as an ‘epoxy’ or ‘self levelling resin floor’ are totally inadequate generic descriptions that can be met by resin flooring materials with vastly different thickness, performance characteristics, durability and importantly – cost!

The requirements for the resin flooring system on any project must be much more specific and detailed, in order to select the right type of resin flooring, the right resin flooring system, the right resin flooring product build-up, plus the right resin floor thickness and detailing solutions for each area of each project.

NCC Resin Flooring Site provides a complete resin flooring advice and we supply the right resin flooring materials for all of these different areas and applications. We only use the latest resin flooring technologies from the world's leading resin floor manufacturers – These include the following high performance resin flooring systems: Sika’s Sikafloor systems, Remmers Resin flooring systems, Fosroc’s Nitofloor Resin flooring systems, Ronacrete’s Fastgrip Resins, VIP’s Quickcoat advanced sprayed Polyurea and Polyaspartic resin systems and Atako’s ATB-300 highly specialist Vinyl Ester Resin Flooring Systems for extreme chemical resistance.

Different Types of Resin Flooring:

At Resin Flooring Site we have tried to make this extremely complex subject more understandable for building owners, their Architects and Engineers, plus their Main Contractor’s on new projects, and in maintenance situations, often it is their Facilities Term Contractor’s, who have to decide what resin flooring to select and use or sub-contract out, from a huge array of resin flooring products and flooring contractors.

NCC Resin Flooring Site experts will help you with guidance and advice in all of these areas too – For more initial information please also see the ‘Floor Surface Preparation Guide’ page, the Resin Flooring Materials page and the ‘Resin Flooring Contractors’ page on this website.

The best resin flooring systems today are primarily based on different types of 2 part (also called 2-component) synthetic resins: These are: 2-part epoxy resin flooring systemss, 2-part polyurethane resin flooring systemss (also called PU resin flooring), 2-part Polyurea resin flooring systems, 2-part Polyaspartic resin flooring systems, 2-part Vinyl Ester Resin and 2-part acrylic resin flooring systems (also called MMA resin flooring). In general terms, these are all fast curing (hardening), tough and abrasion resistant, producing hard wearing resin floor finishes that are also chemically resistant and easy to clean. However as stated above there are great differences between the different types of resin flooring materials and different resin floor product formulations on the market.

In addition some manufacturers have only one type of resin floor technology or one type of resin floor production facility and therefore they can offer a biased view on the most appropriate resin flooring material to use for your project – Especially in the current economic climate. NCC Resin Flooring Site is totally independent and has the training and expertise to provide advice and supply resin flooring products and systems using ALL of the different flooring technologies available. We will ensure that you receive the most cost-effective ‘State of the Art’ resin flooring solution for your project.

So in summary:- There are water based, solvent based and solvent free types of all of these different synthetic resin flooring materials, that all have their own characteristic advantages and disadvantages in both their application and their performance. There are also a wide range ofcharacteristic differences between the different resin flooring materials in terms of their ease of application and the thicknesses they can or should be applied. Additionally there are different thicknesses required for different levels of exposure and use, plus there are differences in their appearance and most importantly of course, in their respective performance and durability in different situations.

Always beware of ‘cheap’, or often not so cheap eventually, plain label or ‘white-label’ resin flooring products and unknown resin floor brands. This is because they will always have low resin contents and high solvent or water contents, plus they have had additional inert fine fillers or sand added to bulk them out and achieve this apparent reduced cost. The 'lowest cost' approach with resin flooring never works. These inferior resin flooring products and systems will not perform for much longer than it takes your workforce or the flooring contractor to finish the floors application and leave your premises, meaning that the whole job will soon have to be done again – and the additional surface preparation required will also greatly increase the cost.

So we always recommend that our customers and their clients select the right type, quality, thickness and detailing of the Resin Flooring System that is the most suitable for the requirements, and which will also therefore also be the most cost effective long term resin floor solution for your project. For FREE expert advice and assistance on your flooring project, please call any of our offices and one of our Resin Flooring specialists will be delighted to assist you.

Additional Resin Floor Selection, Specification and Detailing Support

In addition to helping you to define the key selection criteria for your resin floor, our experts will then help you to prepare a detailed specification, including all of the necessary detailing at joints, drainage, upstands around equipment on the floor etc. This is necessary to ensure that everything is correctly coordinated in order to meet all of the resin floor’s requirements that we have previously defined together, and in the most efficient, durable and cost effective way.

An additional key part of every successful resin flooring project is also to define and select the right method of preparing the existing or new concrete or cement screed surface and to select a suitably trained and experienced Resin Flooring Contractor. (Resin Flooring is not usually a job for local painters or builders!)

The NCC Resin Flooring Site experts will help you with guidance and advice in all of these areas too – For initial information on these important aspects please see the ‘Floor Surface Preparation Guide’ pages and the ‘Resin Flooring Contractors’ page of this website.

Resin Flooring Site is the specialist online resin floor information and support centre that is completely independent of any resin flooring manufacturer, resin flooring contractor or resin flooring trade association or other interested group. Resin Flooring Site has been created and provided by NCC Materials Consultants and Distributors, the UK’s leading distributor of specialist chemical products for building and construction works where a combination of all types of resin flooring forms the largest part of our business. NCC has now been established with our head office in Chorley for more than 30 years. Today our technical team in our combined technical offices and depots around the country have unrivalled expertise with a combined total of more than 120 years’ experience in the UK’s Specialist Resin Flooring market.

The Leading Resin Flooring Manufacturers

We work only with the best, world class resin flooring product and system manufacturers using the latest synthetic resin flooring technologies These include Fosroc (manufacturers of resin flooring, repair mortars and grouts, plus sealants and other materials), Remmers (manufacturers of resin flooring, waterproofing and damp-proofing systems, concrete, masonry and stone cleaning and stone restoration treatments, wood treatments and other materials), Ronacrete (manufacturers of resin flooring and coatings, concrete repair mortars and other materials) and Sika (manufacturers of resin flooring, concrete and masonry repair and strengthening systems, structural waterproofing solutions, resin adhesives & fixings, elastic bonding and joint sealants and other materials), VIP Chemie (manufacturers of the most advanced sprayed Polyurea and Polyaspartic resin systems) and Atako bv (manufacturers of the ATB-300 highly specialist range of Vinyl Ester Resin Flooring Systems for extreme chemical resistance. There are also other leading resin flooring material producers that we would recommend for their particular areas of expertise and to meet specialist requirements. Once again making it clear there is no single manufacturer or contractor that can do this.

Independent Resin Flooring Information Centre – www.ResinFloorSite.co.uk

We identified a need for a truly ‘Independent’ and specialist support centre that is not really just a front for a particular resin floor Manufacturer or Contractor - AS THERE IS NO ONE MANUFACTURER OR CONTRACTOR THAT PRODUCES OR CAN EXPERTLY INSTALL ALL OF THE AVAILABLY RESIN FLOORING MATERIALS.

This is very important to understand as so many people claim to be the ‘Masters of ALL Resin Flooring’ – Quite Simply - They are not! It is very dependent on the needs of your specific product and requirements, which resin floor and which resin flooring contractor is the most suitable and cost effective and expedient – Sometimes you may even be able to do the job yourself if it is a resin floor painting requirement – see also our sister website www.buyfloorpaint.co.uk

Therefore this website and the independent information it contains is designed for FREE OF CHARGE use by building and facility owners, their managers and their professional construction team including architects, engineers and surveyors, as well as the different building and maintenance contractors that may be involved in a project. As these people are not necessarily involved in resin flooring works every day, they have a need for a reliable source of independent information and advice in relation to all things ‘Resin Flooring’ – And so we have created and maintain this Resin Flooring Site.

The site contains independent advice and information on all of the different types of resin flooring materials, guidance on selecting the right resin flooring products, information on the different resin floor types and their specific advantages and disadvantages, both in application and performance.

Please browse the different pages of our website with information about the different aspects of resin flooring, including the main selection criteria to be considered, the alternative materials and products available for resin flooring, the necessary surface preparation, specification and detailing solutions. These include our ‘Floor Surface Preparation Guide’ pages and our ‘Resin Flooring Contractors’ page, plus our BS 4800 and RAL Standards based Resin Flooring Colour Charts.

When you need help and assistance with specific advice or guidance for your resin flooring project – no matter what size or your requirements, you can also call any of our offices and one of our Resin Flooring specialists will be delighted to assist you. As the UK’s leading resin flooring product and system distributors, we also provide fast and reliable nationwide supply and delivery services - And all at the best possible prices. Please call any of our offices for more information.
For FREE Expert Advice Call Any NCC Office and Our Basement Waterproofing Specialists will be Pleased to Help.

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